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5 Amazing Advantages to Doing a First Look

5 Amazing Benefits of Doing a First Look

Let me start by saying whether or not you choose to do a first look is a totally personal decision. Some couples feel really strongly that they don’t want to see each other before the ceremony and that’s totally okay! You have to do what’s right for you. That said, there are some amazing advantages to doing a first look! Here are my top 5:

1. You’ll get a few minutes alone with your spouse.
One of the most amazing things about doing a first look on wedding day is you’ll get to spend a few uninterrupted moments alone with your soon to be spouse! You wedding day will be a whirlwind, and those few minutes during the first look might be the only time during the whole day you’ll get to check-in with each other. So many of my couples have said these few moments are priceless.

2. It will calm your nerves.
There’s no doubt, your nerves will be in high gear on your wedding day. Seeing each other before the ceremony can take a little bit of the pressure off. You will be able to relax a bit and be truly present for your ceremony and your vows.

3. You can enjoy your cocktail hour.
When you do a first look before your ceremony, it means we can also do your full bridal party and family photos beforehand too. Trust me, they will thank you when they get to head to cocktail hour right after the ceremony! You can also decide if you want to take a few minutes to yourselves to soak it all in, or head straight to the party and mingle with your guests. Don’t worry though – I always schedule a few minutes right before sunset for your romantic bride and groom photos, even if we have to sneak out for a few minutes during dinner.

4. The “aisle moment’ will be even more special.
Probably the biggest reason couples choose not to do a first look is because they don’t want to ruin that special moment when they see each other for the first time walking down the aisle. The difference when you do a first look is that moment is private and just between the two of you! And your photographer, of course. You can cry, you can kiss, you can talk to each other and really take it all in. And trust me, that walk down the aisle will still be incredible.

5. Your hair and makeup will still be fresh.
You will look stunning all day long – no question. But if you do a first look, you can get most of your photos done before you’ve had a chance to cry off your makeup, your hair is still fresh and your feet don’t hurt from those gorgeous heels!

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