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5 Tips to Get Stunning Wedding Detail Photos

If you’re wondering how to get stunning wedding detail photos on your wedding day, these tips are for you! You spend so much time planning and designing your wedding day – everything from your dress and your shoes, to your color palette and your invitation suite, don’t these things deserve beautiful photos to remember them by? I think so! Not only do your detail shots help you remember every little thing about your day, when you look at your wedding album years from now, they will help tell the story of your day.


1. Don’t forget the envelopes

When it comes to getting beautiful shots of your invitation suite and paper goods, make sure to include the envelopes as well. It’s one of the easiest things to forget, but the envelopes will add depth, dimension and interest to your invitation photos. Even better, invest in a professional stationery designer or calligrapher to create beautiful envelopes that will make your flat lay even more stunning. If it’s not in your budget to use calligraphy on every invitation, have your designer create one set of envelopes with your address to use for photos. Your invitations are the first thing your guests will see when it comes to your wedding and it will set the tone for the style and aesthetic of your day.

2. Add some florals

When discussing your wedding flowers with your florist, be sure to include a few loose blooms and greenery in your proposal. Adding florals to your detail shots and will help carry your colors and theme throughout your photos and will take your flat lays to the next level.

3. Allow enough time

Everyone wants beautiful, editorial looking detail shots to add to their wedding album; but remember, these shots take time to style! It’s important to discuss with your photographer how long they need for styling and details and be sure to plan your timeline accordingly. If your timeline simply doesn’t allow enough time, consider mailing your full invitation suite and fresh envelopes to your photographer ahead of time to style and photograph before your wedding.

4. Don’t forget the groom

Grooms have details too! Include things like shoes, tie, cuff links, boutonnière, watch, cologne and any other special items he might have.

5. Have everything ready

Details are usually the very first thing photographed on a wedding day. It’s helpful if you have everything all together and ready to go in a box or a bag for your photographer so you don’t have to go searching for things. You’ll want to include your dress, shoes, two full copies of your invitation suite (including envelopes), jewelry, perfume, veil and any other special items you want photographed.


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